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Aditya Chopra proposes to Rani Mukerji...
Rani Mukherjee - Aditya Chopra ready to walk down the aisle!








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Aditya Chopra proposes to Rani Mukerji...

Since years, rumours have been rife that the bollywood Diva Rani Mukerjee shares a close bond with Yash Raj Films scion Aditya Chopra, and that she was the prime reason behind his divorce in 2009. As per B-town sources the duo has already tied the knot in 2012 in a private ceremony. None of them have either officially confirmed their relationship, or their wedding. Though rumours imply that Rani is already married to Aditya Chopra, sources say that the filmmaker has only recently proposed to the actress and that he is waiting with bated breath for her to accept this marriage proposal.
Rani and Adi have kept the rumour mills guessing about their relationship. Recently the media and the audience were taken aback when veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha addressed Rani Mukherjee as Rani Chopra during a function held to unveil late Yash Chopra's statue at the UTV STARS Walk. While calling out the names of the family members of late filmmaker Yash Chopra, Sinha said, "Pamela Chopra, Uday, Rani and other family members... just now my wife said I missed out on Aditya Chopra. When call out Rani Chopra's name it is obvious I mean Aditya. (Jab maine Rani Chopra ka naam liya hai toh zaahir si baat hai ke Aditya ka bhi naam leta)." Rani was silent - clearly indicated by her immediate gesture of covering her mouth in apparent shock.
Recently Rani and Aditya has been more open about seen together in public. They surprised the media earlier this year when they stepped out at the Mumbai Airport and didn’t seem to mind being photographed together. A source close to the couple says that the news of Aditya’s marriage proposal to Rani doesn't come as a surprise as Rani and Adi have been celebrating important occasions together for the past few years now. The source also said that when Aditya was helping his father with the shooting of Yash Raj last film (Jab Tak Hai Jaan) in London, Rani decided to take a break from her own movie ‘Aaiya’ and flew down to London to be with Aditya for her birthday. Though the couple didn’t have a big celebration. They had a very private dinner with Yash Chopra and close friend SRK.

The source further added that Rani also visited the sets of the film and that Chopra senior had given his approval to the relationship between his son and the 34-year-old Bengali beauty. Source close to the actress spills the beans confirming her marital status. “Rani and Adi (Aditya Chopra) have been living together for the last two years. Even Yash Chopraji had accepted Rani in his son’s life,” says the source. Lately, Rani has been always seen at Mrs Pamela Chopra’s side, be it at Yash Chopra’s funeral or at the unveiling of his statue.

“They live together at Rani’s bungalow in Juhu. Adi has been spotted going in and out of the bungalow several times by photographers. But respecting Aditya’s low-profile lifestyle, Rani has kept things under wraps,” adds the source. It was in news from a long time that Aditya Chopra loves Rani but he is a reserved person and don’t open his heart to everyone. Also in the film Jab Tak Hai Jaan, it was heard that the song and poems penned by Aditya describes his feelings for Rani.

According the Buzz Aditya also gifted an expensive luxury car an Audi A8 W12 to his ladylove Rani as a token of his love for her. An eyewitness said, “Adi brought the car to Rani's bungalow and asked her to step inside the car just to go for a spin. After the ride, he left the car inside the bungalow's premises and left in his own car which was driven in by his driver.” A close friend to the couple adds that their impending marriage is very much on the cards and this expensive gift could be a big hint of what's to come.

Till date, Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji have never publicly professed their love for each other. While the alleged sweethearts are extremely careful about not being spotted together by the shutterbugs, there have been rumours about them spending holidays and important occasions in each other's company. With their public appearances and celebration of togetherness, we wonder if a grand filmy wedding will be upon us soon enough!

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Rani Mukherjee - Aditya Chopra new pictures about wedding
Aditya Chopra Rani Mukherjee marriage on the cards. When the wedding will take place is the question.
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