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Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif love saga!
The Love Affair - The Break-up & The Aftermath...








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Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif love saga never fails to attract attention from fans and media alike.

Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif love saga never fails to attract attention from fans and media alike. Salman and Katrina have made headlines for their break-ups and make-ups, so much has been written about the hottest duo of Bollywood, the relationship has lost its charm... the love is lost... the couple is heading towards splits Ville...than again they get back together and hit the headlines for being in a particularly rosy phase of their affair. The truth is Salman and Katrina broke up two years back but still they are good friends the former couple are maintaining a cordial relationship.
Katrina has esteem regards for Salman and the later too holds a special feeling for Kat. The diva is not only good with Salman but also with his family, she is a regular at Khan’s household parties be it a birthday celebrations or Eid. Salman sisters are very friendly with Katrina and are often seen parting with her. In the early years of relationship both were very passionate about each other though they never admitted to dating openly their action spoke louder than words. Katrina used to shower all her attention on Sallu visiting him on his film sets. Katrina would keep a check on her beau while he was in the company of other female co-stars.
Salman always reciprocated to her love it can be remembered when Katrina was shooting for Priyadarshan's Dhan Dhana Dhan Salman drove onto the sets 'just to catch up' with his ladylove. Interestingly, Salman was shooting for Veer and the sets of his film was a stone's throw away from the sets of Katrina. The love-struck duo kept hopping onto each others sets for a quiet moment of togetherness, not wanting to miss a single opportunity of being in each other's company. Salman had been a support to Katrina since Boom (movie). Katrina too, being a new-bee went under Salman’s protective wings and found joy & success.

It was also rumoured that Salman wanted to buy a love nest for Kat, a huge apartment in Mumbai’s star-studded neighbourhood of Bandra. The property dealer had revealed that Salman wanted the place to have a mix of Indian and European feel. The living room was to have a fireplace, with portrait space on the wall displaying a portrait of Katrina. Sallu bhai was going all out to vow his ladylove and to make her happy; Salman has even stopped talking to Brazilian model Bruna Abdullah though he was very fond of her. Katrina was not very comfortable with the rumours of Sallubhai being very friendly towards the leggy beauty so Kat put her foot down on the issue, and Salman, who is famous for never deserting his friends, was forced to keep distance from the gorgeous beauty of Latin America. The insiders revealed that it was only when Salman Khan agreed to shun Bruna Abdullah from his list of friends that Katrina returned to celebrate New Year with him in India.

Chemistry between Salman and Katrina often surfaced through their interviews. Salman being possessive (keeping in mind his last relationships), avoided discussing his current relationship status in media, although, Katrina fed media with some statements which hinted the affair but then she set out quite, after none of such came from Salman Khan's side. Talking about Salman, she once said, “He is not romantic at all. I want to go on holidays, but he says, it’s boring to be alone together. He hates candlelight dinners. I think he likes to be surrounded by people. He is so unromantic!”

Than came a twist in this love story Katrina’s career in Bollywood started to fly high she started getting offers from all the big banners and it was during that time she singed a film with scion of Kapoor family the young dashing and charming to the core Ranbir Kapoor. She was floored by his charm and mannerisms unlike Sallu he was cool headed and romantic to the hilt also he was same age as Katrina the couple took an instant liking for each other. Ranbir-Katrina film together become a huge hit at the box office and they singed a second film together meanwhile Salman was keen to get a commitment from Katrina and she was not willing to walk down the aisle. At that time Salman’s father, Salim Khan gave a statement “I can’t say if Katrina is in Salman’s life. If a marriage decision stretches for so long, it usually does not happen. Whenever girls have come into Salman’s life, they were looking to be movie stars. So settling down was the last thing on their minds.” Salim Khan, somewhere in the corner of his heart was aware of such an end of Salman-Katrina story. After all he is a storywriter, he knows where a story ends or where it is heading.

However, the two remained friends unlike the end results of his past relationships, the friendship bond was so strong that they did a movie together after their alleged split. Their proclamations for each other disclosed that there was much left in the relation than meets the eye. Post the split, once Salman said, “I think one can easily fall in love with her (Katrina) definitely...on screen and off screen. Even fans love her a lot.”

Salman was still possessive of her. During the promotions of Ek Tha Tiger Katrina, was dressed in skimpy attire and Salman was worried that his former flame was getting too exposed. So, he puts his legs in front of Katrina's to guard her. It was clear that they share a strong emotional bond, which was noticeable by their gestures. The couple left onlookers dumbfounded by their chemistry like there was never any problem between them. Just when their well wishers, fans and friends were praying for the reunion Katrina got a opportunity of a life time Yash Raj Films Jab Tak Hai Jaan opposite none other than badshah of Bollywood ShahRukh Khan to be directed by the king of romance Yash Raj himself. Knowing very well the strained relationship between Salman and SRK she went ahead and singed the film. It was the last straw and any chances of getting back were ruined, as everyone knows Salman is in no mood to patch with SRK.

At a recent award function, when Katrina saw Salman Khan’s van parked, she went up to him to say hi but the actress had to leave with surprise as Salman Khan totally ignored her. Katrina was barely 50 metres away from Salman when he closed the door of his vanity van and asked people not to let anyone get in. When Katrina got to know this, she went back but looking quite upset. The news that is doing the rounds over the last few months has been of the reportedly strained relations between Katrina and Salman curtsy SRK- Katrina bonding during the film shoot and in award functions and the sizzling chemistry SRK-Katrina shared during their Muscat tour together.

But then no one knows what exactly is destined for this secret love affair, as Katrina herself puts it “I don’t think any of us know the future. We always try and make plans and I have learnt from my experience that you really cannot make plans. God has made his own plans for you.” As of now its rumoured that Katrina is dating Ranbir Kapoor and the couple are going strong from last two years.

Meanwhile Salman Khan is ruling box-Office recently when one of the fans asked the most common question put to Salman - when will he marry - the actor said, "Marry, I don't know. But kids, I love them and want to have them. I am working on a way I can escape marriage and just have the kids." 

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