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Katrina Kaif comes clean on Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan…
“Ranbir is lovely while Salman has tremendous impact on my life.”








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Katrina Kaif - About Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have been denying point blank about all rumours relating their link ups. Considering the spate of reports doing the rounds, it is rather tempting to put two and two together. And the two in this case is of course Ranbir and Katrina. The news of their puppy love is not new; it has been doing the round since 2009 when the two worked together in 'Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani'. But the frequency of the over-flowing love lore has doubled recently.

There were eyewitnesses who spotted the two ringing in the Year New together in New York. The duo tried their best to mingle with the crowd but when you are Ranbir and Katrina it gets difficult not to be noticed. Also Ranbir waited for Katrina while the lady was recording for an award show till wee hours. Ranbir was seen, lingering around for no reason, he stayed till she finished her work and the two left the venue together after wrap up. Returning the love Katrina Kaif helped Ranbir's mother Neetu Kapoor overcome her stage fear before a performance at an award show held recently. So is Katrina Kaif finally ready to display her commitment for Kapoor scion… we decided to put the lady in question on hot seat Katrina comes clean on both Ranbir and Salman read on … 

Okay come clean on Ranbir Kapoor.
He’s a fantastic actor. He’s got an incredible approach to his work. He’s got talent and the courage to walk the unbeaten path. Both the films we did (Raajneeti and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani) were fun. Most importantly, the audience loved us. He’s a lovely person, good fun and a good friend.

The rumour is that you are back together.
I’ve lost count of the times we’ve been, not been, on off, off on in a relationship. As I said earlier I’m not going to speak about my personal life. It’s a pointless conversation. The day one gets engaged to whomever one wants to, it will get clear. So what’s the problem? Let people be. Let them sort out what they need to.

You’ve been spotted at movie theatres, having dinners, holding hands…
It’s the first time I’m hearing that going to cinema with a group of friends means anything. Dissecting each and every story that comes out is a futile exercise. Beyond a point, I don’t think it makes sense to talk about one’s personal life.

Much of your success is attributed to Salman Khan. How do you react to that?
I believe behind every successful person there’s destiny, then there’s God. Then there’s your hard work, your talent. And then there are people, your team. And there are many people in my life who have been an important part of my journey. I also believe that every person has people behind him or her who are a fundamental part of his/her journey. I’m not an exception. So how much of my success would you attribute to Salman Khan? He’s had a huge role in my career. There’s no doubt about that. I value his opinion. But as a person, Salman has had the biggest impact on my life. I became friends with him when I was young. And his persona is very strong. If I were to look back and see his impact on my life, it’s been tremendous. So why are we talking about something as small and segmented as a career. Life is far bigger than a career. Of course, what would my entire life journey have been had I not met that family, had I not met Akshay (Kumar). I highly recommend that if Salman ever gives you an advice please think about it. I’m not saying he’s perfect but his thinking process is correct. Obviously, having someone who’s so knowledgeable about the film industry was extremely valuable. But why should we dissect how much credit goes to him and how much goes to me. It’s a clear-cut scenario. Production houses have launched many people yet they haven’t run the distance. So correct importance has to be given to it. It shouldn’t take away from me nor should I detract anything from it.

So what’s the nature of your relationship with Salman Khan now? There’s still a lot of talk about you two.
That’s restricted space for me. This was the advice that was given to me by the person himself. That is Salman. He said I don’t understand why people talk about their relationships in public. It’s wrong. I imbibed it and it became a part of me. That’s something I’ve always stuck to. Relationships as it is are tough. But relationships in the industry are damn hard. You need a very strong person with a tremendous amount of trust in you. Also whether the person supports you or supports your work hours, whether they have the faith not to believe all the things spoken about you. The second most important line out here is tell me some gossip. It’s all-harmless it’s fun but we all indulge in it. And when gossip goes around, your belief in your partner should be unquestionable. Now add to that the pressure of explaining yourself to the media. It doesn’t work for me to explain myself. With great difficulty I can explain myself to my friends, to my family. We’re entertainers. There’s no reason why our lives should be entertainment. That aside when you are talking about a relationship, or friendship, you’re speaking about two people. What right do I have to speak on another person’s behalf? Again when you’re talking about an equation with someone I’ve known as long as Salman, you’re talking about something that’s important to me. I’ve the highest amount of respect for him. He’s had a huge influence on my life. I won’t talk about it in a trivial way. All know the technical status. I’m single.

Coming to your work, you’ve worked with Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and now Aamir Khan. What’s your take on all the three Khans?
Salman has seen me since the beginning. So he’s always like come show me what you can do. He’s had a different approach. He’a casual on the set. There’s nothing heavy about him. But I was most intimidated by Shah Rukh Khan. I didn’t know whether it was just him or it was the environment on the set. Jab Tak Hai Jaan was a Yash Chopra film; Aditya Chopra was the first AD. It was the enormity of the situation. He’s an impeccable co-star, always there to guide you. After the first schedule, he noticed the approach I had towards my role. He’s a perceptive co-star. As for Aamir, there was so much happening before the start of the Dhoom 3 schedule that I didn’t have the time to fret about it. So the first scene with Aamir Khan, who’s known to be a perfectionist, was so much fun. I felt that we were just two actors standing there and Aamir was telling you let’s just interact and see how the scene works. I never felt that he was thinking ‘I’m Aamir Khan let’s see what you can do’ I never felt he was judging me. I feared it would be terrifying. But I actually felt extremely comfortable with him.

Do you feel lucky to have worked with the three superstars?
The big deal is they are legends and have been in the industry for the longest time... I am very fortunate to have got an opportunity of working will all three. It has been a learning and informative experience but beyond that I think it is not whom you work with but the kind of movies you do and what are you interests. What matters to me is the script and the director I am working with.

Comment on the recent reports about your younger sister joining the film industry…
Isabelle is currently in LA completing her acting course. She is happy there and has no plans of coming to Bollywood as of now. So as and when she completes her course and if she wants to come she can come.

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